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Blended Learning: Combine German Online excercises with personalized Skype/telephone classes!


Once more it was very great! Every time I am on the platform I discover something new about Learnlight - what a cool program. Now I am encouraged to speak French with my guests as well!

Fabienne Ruckstuhl, Student at the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, Passugg

Learnlight helped me to find a language education, which "meets me" on my level, my possible intensity and on Skype in my office...

My French teacher knows how to involve me in an intense conversation and supports me in English

in case of difficult technical terms. That's how I make progress!

Kurt Willi, Leiter Vertrieb und Stv. Leiter Verkauf, PostAuto Graubünden


I learn very quickly with the help of Learnlight! This format suits me well because I am free to choose the time and the sessions. The website is brilliant and the teacher knows what my needs are. We are on the same wave lenght!

Magali Pittori, Teacher at plc





Blended Language Learning - German lessons whenever and wherever I want!

What is Blended Learning?


Blended Learning is a unique system, which offers exclusive individual language courses for at least 12 weeks. The program consists of a combination of live Skype/telephone sessions and interactive online exercises. Clients are provided with a qualified personal language teacher who uses experience and expertise to guide students through the course. Once logged-in participants have unlimited access to a wide range of useful resources designed to help achieve their goals.


Learning that can be done any time, which is highly efficient and motivating– learning that is fun!




My Learnlight Platform


My Learnlight Platform lets me view my progress using various statistics, charts and graphs. It corrects my exercises and uses a sophisticated quality control system to measure progress. Newly acquired vocabulary and language appear in my personal report after each Skype/telephone session so I can revise anytime in a fun way using helpful flashcards. Every week I receive a brand new digital magazine full of interesting articles adapted to my current level. Sections include: current affairs, sport, lifestyle and business – something for everyone!


As Learnlight is technically fully responsive, I can use it on any smart device or tablet anywhere and anytime I wish.



How does Blended Learning work?




What are the benefits for me?


Unique combination of online learning and active “live” communication
Maximum efficiency by learning anywhere, anytime
Rapid improvement in active communication skills
Personal trainer guiding me to reach my targets
Individual trainer reports after each live session
Weekly digital magazine packed with stimulating articles and exercises
Choice between flexible “on-demand” or regular “scheduled” sessions
10 levels according to CEFRL from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1/C2)
Six different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Cost-saving packages for companies

How can I focus on improving my writing skills?


If you need to submit frequent reports in German just book our Learnlight writing service at CHF 30.00 a month. You can hand in 4 texts a month to be corrected. Further information can be found in our flyer.


How much does it cost?


CHF 60.00 per person per week (min. 12 weeks). Reduced prices for 24 weeks.


Special prices for students.

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