Einfach besser!... am Arbeitsplatz 

Government financed language lessons for your company at your workplace

Within the framework of the ‘’Einfach besser….am Arbeitsplatz’’ funding initiative the Swiss Confederation subsidises, via the SBFI, a continuing education program whose aim is to teach employees basic skills applicable to the workplace.

The SBFI lists Professional Language Center as one of the language service providers taking part in this initiative. Further information on how to apply for the subsidy can be found at:



For German beginner courses (level A1-A2), the subsidy amounts to CHF 15 per lesson, per participating employee for a maximum of 40 lessons. The only condition for the subsidy being that the participating employee must have an 80% attendance rate for the lessons.

Our monthly attendance list report will be forwarded to your HR department or otherwise specified contact person.

What do you have to do? What do we take on?

Your task: You simply have to set out and identify your expectations and the needs of your employees, we do the rest.

Our job: We will then plan the course tailored to the needs of the employees and prepare all the documentation required so you can apply for the subsidy.


How does it work?

1. Identify requirements and learning needs

● In terms of reading, writing and speaking skills, what expectations of the employees are required to be fulfilled?

● Can your employees realistically fulfil these expectations?

The more precisely you formulate your expectations and requirements, the greater the likelihood of employee success!


2. Course development

Based on your answers, we will then work out a teaching concept tailored to your specific needs. The cost for this amounts to approx. CHF 2,400. A subsidy application can also be submitted for this expense.


3. Apply for support

To carry out the implementation of the course at your workplace, you can take advantage of the public funding initiative. As soon as the number of participants and lessons have been determined, all the documentation required for the subsidy application will be prepared for you by us. You then only have to submit the application to either the federal government or the respective canton.

Financial support for job-oriented continuing education (besser-jetzt.ch)


4. Implementing the course in your company

By attending our course, your employees will develop the basic skills required for their daily work tasks. They will also learn how to communicate more effectively and confidently with their superiors, colleagues and clients. The course aims to put what the employees have learned into daily practice at the workplace. This way, the employee learning outcomes can be evident for everyone to see.


We look forward to helping your employees achieve even more success at work!