French diploma courses

Prepare for a globally acknowledged French language diploma. Your focus will be on practicing all four skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing. We will prepare you for exams by having you solve several mock exams. You will gain confidence, expand your grammar and broaden your vocabulary on every level. You should commit to investing about 3 hours of homework weekly to reach your goal.

Examination fees will be charged separately by DELF-DALF-Institut.


French Certificate Course Level B1

Day: Tuesday

Time: 6 pm to 8:00 pm

Duration: 24 weeks

Price: 1'800 CHF

Start: April 16th, 2024

End: September 24th, 2024

Course location: Zürich


French Certificate Course Level B2

Day: Monday

Time: 6 pm to 8:00 pm

Duration: 24 weeks

Price: 1'800 CHF

Start: April 15th, 2024

End: September 23rd, 2024

Course location: Zürich


Your benefits:

You will learn by focusing on clear goals, setting a time frame and following a plan to reach your objective. You will get regular feedback from your teacher who will keep you focused on skills that need improving. You will be optimally prepared for your exam in the discussed time span (usually 6 to 9 months). Your teacher will recommend enrolment in the exam once you have reached a minimum of 60 % in mock exams.

plc is an official telc exams center.

You can take a telc exam at our school in Zürich. We offer all levels in German (from A1 to C2) and levels A1 to B1 for the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, English and Portuguese.



The telc Certificates are recognized in Europe by companies, universities, schools and also by the migration department.


Free consultation

If you have any doubts about your level, we will be glad to advise you. This consultation is free of charge.


Exam prices:

  • A1: CHF 160
  • A2: CHF 185
  • B1: CHF 280
  • B2: CHF 330
  • C1: CHF 370
  • C2: CHF 380



Please note that the places are limited per level. The deadline for registration is 5 weeks before the exam date. You should receive the results in 4 to 8 weeks.


It’s possible to cancel before the deadline without any additional costs 5 weeks prior to the exam date. After the registration deadline an administrative fee of 100 CHF has to be paid. In case of absence the whole fee will be charged. Changes have to be submitted in writing.

Next dates for German and foreign language exams 2024:

  • May 17th, 2024 - German A1-C2 (Registration by 17.04.2024)

  • June 14th, 2024 - German A1-C2 (Registration by 14.05.2024)

  • July 5th, 2024 - German A1-C2 (Registration by 05.06.2024)

  • August 23rd, 2024 - German A1-C2 (Registration by 23.07.2024)

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