Corporate courses

German, French, English,Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swiss German.

A tailor-made/customised approach to corporate language learning/training

A good employee may not necessarily speak fluently all the languages they need for their job. In today’s environment, this can pose new challenges for many companies. In an ideal situation and most importantly without disrupting the company’s normal workflow, employees should be able to acquire the knowledge needed in their day to day work in the quickest way and time possible.

With this in mind, when you let us know your needs are, we will put together an individual course program specifically tailored for your employees. In an effort to save time, we are happy to hold the course at your company premises but we are also more than happy to welcome your employees at our school near Paradeplatz or online-the choice is up to you!


The advantages:


  • Personal attention: one contact person specifically for you
  • Efficiency: a minimum of administrative effort – with a maximum benefit
  • favourable: no loss of working time
  • Individuality: course programme specially tailored to your wishes and your company
  • Flexibility: you choose when and where the course takes place

The extras:

  •   Free placement test
  •   Acceptance of recognised language certificates (telc)
  •   Attendance list taking and course confirmation


The benefits:

  • skilled workers specially trained for your company
  • job preservation
  • better communication
  • motivated, loyal employees
  • better image cost savings through optimised processes


Course content options can include (you choose what your company needs):


  • How to conduct a counselling interview
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Giving and responding to instructions and directives
  • Taking part in a meeting
  • Understanding protocol
  • Explaining the use of a technical device
  • How to answer to a complaint
  • Preparing presentations
  • Exam preparation


If an employee is unable to attend a course because of their level or frequent business trips, we would recommend online lessons via Zoom. This guarantees flexibility in terms of time and location.

More information can be found under the menu item "online learning".