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French Diploma courses


Prepare for a globally acknowledged French language diploma. Your focus will be on practicing all four skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing. We will prepare you for exams by having you solve several mock exams. You will gain confidence, expand your grammar and broaden your vocabulary on every level. You should commit to investing about 3 hours of homework weekly to reach your goal.


Examination fees will be charged separately by DELF-DALF-Institut.

To the exam schedule and enrolment:


French Diploma

Course details


1 x a week in a small group (3 – 6 participants)

Lunchtime or evenings.


French Certificate Course Level B1

Day: Tuesday

Time: 6 pm to 8:15 pm

Duration: 24 weeks

Price: 1700 CHF

Start: September 13th, 2022


French Certificate Course Level B2

Day: Monday

Time: 6 pm to 8:15 pm

Duration: 24 weeks

Price: 1700 CHF

Start: September 12th, 2022





French Exam courses


Overview of the language levels according to the European Framework and their corresponding Exams:


A1  Elementary

telc A1/DELF A1


telc A2/DELF A2

B1 Pre-Intermediate

telc B1/ DELF B1

Business:  DFP  B1

B2 Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

telc B2/DELF B2

Business:  DFP  B2

C1 Advanced

Standard: DALF C1

C2 Proficient

Standard: DALF C2